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How to Get Longer Eyelashes

How to Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer and Thicker

The bigger eyelashes are the profound beauty of woman’s eyes. It draws attention to your face and enhances the beauty itself. The women with long and thick eyelashes feel confident on themselves because they know they are looking wonderful. At the old age, when the eyelashes start falling out, they become very worried and inconvenience. Also the women with short eyelashes want to have long and luscious eyelashes. Those women apply artificial methods of making their lashes look bigger by wearing the false eyelashes; improve with the mascara, eyelashes extensions. But there is a harm of applying these false materials because it can make your lashes weaker and feebler. So it is suggested for you that in spite of buying the artificial means of eyelashes use some natural remedies of growing your eyelashes longer and thicker in just few days.
how to get longer eyelashes eyebrows

1.  Castor Oil

Try using the castor oil on your eyelashes and eyebrows too so it will moisture your eyelashes and make it enable to grow rapidly in just few days naturally. It is very pure and simple remedy of using castor oil because of its genius qualities of growing eyelashes faster and making it strong enough to look beautiful and attractive. You can apply the castor oil with the help of thin and smooth brush so as to avoid any mess.

2.  Vitamin E

As you know that vitamin E is very much helpful in treating the blemishes found on the skin. Similarly it is also good to use for growing eyelashes instantly thicker and stronger. Take a capsule of vitamin E and break it down then directly apply to your eyelashes with a brush and enable of lashes to pick up the nourishments present in vitamin E for having the thicker lashes.

3.  Natural Oils

Moisturizing the eyelashes is the first and foremost step of treatment. You can also make your eyelashes bigger and thicker with using the natural oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, linen oil, sesame oil, resehip oil, burdock root oil. The method of applying these natural oils is so simple that you just have to take some oil in a cotton wool and tab on your lashes gently before going to bed. Leave it all the night on your eyelashes then wash it off in the morning. It gives the better moisturizing effect on your lashes and makes it widely long and healthy.

4.  Green Tea

Green tea has a herbal contents like caffeine and flavonoids in it so it is not good enough for drinking purpose but on the other hand it is also best for applying on the eyelashes. Make some green tea and let it cool down then swipe it over your lashes with the help of cotton wool. The contents present in green tea have the ability to maintain the existing growth of eyelashes and also helps in the stimulation of new growth.
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5.  Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant is usually present in everyone’s home so aloe vera can be easily available to you. It is used for various different processes that can be readily done at home. For making your eyelashes grow faster and stronger then apply fresh aloe vera gel directly on your lashes in a straight manner. The process should be done before going to bed.

6.  Remove All Makeup at Night

If you want to keep your lashes look amazingly bigger and thicker so try removing your makeup at night because the cleaning of lashes will be more beneficial for making it grow longer. It is necessary to give your eyelashes a chance to breathe.

7.  Eat Healthy

Eating vitamin and nutrient rich diet will never let you get in this problem because every part of your body needs full nourishment and it can only be possible if you take a balanced and healthy diet. Diet what you eat reaches into the all parts of your body and make it energetic and full of life so to your eyelashes too. As your hair need a good supply of vitamins and minerals so the hair of your eyelashes also need them in an appropriate way. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits that include lean protein, whole grains, etc.
how to grow eyelashes fast and naturally

8.  Brush your Lashes

Brushing your eyelashes is the most important thing that you should not forget. Make your habit of brushing your lashes at least once in a morning. The advantage of brushing the lashes is to make it away from any damage or plucking of an eye lash. Brushing also help in eliminating the dust particles and encourages the good supply of blood. The little lash combs are available in the market for your comfort. It will surely help your eyelashes grow stronger and thicker.

9.  Leave your Lashes Alone

Leaving your lashes in a careful manner will take you to the success of getting the healthy full lashes. Avoid treating your lashes harshly; do not pull your lashes while removing the makeup. It will sometimes stop the growth of lashes.

10.  Massage your Eyelids

Finally, another easy and simple tip to make your eyelashes grow longer is massaging the eyelids. The stimulation of hair follicles is the reason behind growing lashes so it is important to massage your eyelids daily with the gentle fingers. The regular use of this tip will surely help in a positive result. You will see a wonderful difference in your eyelashes in a couple of time.

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