Saturday, 21 February 2015

How to Remove Makeup

6 Home Remedies to Remove Makeup

We usually see that working women regularly needs a kind of soft and elegant makeup. The necessity of makeup for those women is just because they want to look confident and for this purpose they should know the basic needs of how to do makeup and its regular easy removing technique.  If once you know how to remove makeup at home, you will never go through the expensive and harsh products of makeup removers. There are many ways of home remedies that you can easily do at your home for removing makeup and the main benefit of using this is it never lead your skin to any side effects like that of such harsh and severe products.
how to remove makeup with home remedies
You should be sure about the type of your skin at the first stage, after that the choosing of ingredients is important. Before applying makeup remover, you must have to wash your face properly. If you use a dermatological face wash then it will be best. Here are some amazing and good tips of removing makeup can be easily done at home.

1.  Olive Oil

how to remove makeup with olive oil
Olive oil is one of the most important ingredients used for removing makeup. It can amazingly function on the eye makeup, lipstick and foundations. Only olive oil is concerned with the removing of makeup and it is not as rough as the other methods of makeup removers. Do not try to use coconut oil or any kind of cooking oil otherwise it may be lead to a great risk.

2.  Cucumber Juice

how to remove makeup with cucumber juice
Cucumber is readily available at everyone’s home so it is said to be the easiest homemade remedy for removing makeup. Peel and grate the cucumber to squeeze its juice. You also have an option to add few drops of mild baby oil in the cucumber juice. Use a cotton ball dipped in the juice then evenly dab on your face.

3.  Yogurt/Curd

how to remove makeup with yogurt or curd
Yogurt or curd could be the best option to remove the makeup fast. By directly applying the yogurt on the face, it will give you the very good effects afterwards. It can also help in removing the tan on your face, especially the foundation.

4.  Milk Cream (Malai)

how to remove makeup with milk cream malai
Milk cream found to be great for the makeup removing purpose. Make sure not to use this remedy for oily skin because milk cream is already oily and sticky in nature. You can use milk cream for removing the foundations and lipstick.

5.  Castor Oil

how to remove makeup with castor oil
Castor oil remedy is also a safest and completely harmless remedy. You can apply castor oil with the cotton ball by dipping in it. This is very helpful and best remedy at all.

6.  Tomatoes

how to remove makeup with tomato juice
If you have tomatoes then nothing would be better than that. Tomatoes are available any time at your home so do not worry about removing the makeup. Just squeeze out the tomato juice and apply on your face or you can cut tomato in halves and apply directly on your face, slowly you will see your makeup removed. Tomato can remove the foundations and creams from your face.

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