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5 Yoga Exercises While at Work

5 Easy Yoga Poses While Working

Get fit in your own office! Now you can tone up without spending hours in a gym. Here we are discussing 5 yoga exercises that you can do easily at your chair.

Stay active

It’s easy to join a gym or attending swimming pool, but it takes a lot of time and money expenses. If your life is very busy and you have not time to join these gyms or pools or any other outdoor workout, then you can make the best of your current situation and do yoga practice at your office chair. To do that you can improve your health, to tone your body from head to toe without special machines and professional equipment.

1.  Scale Pose

Yoga Scale Pose While Working
This exercise or yoga pose make strengthen your thighs and buttocks. You move the edge of your seat and push your hands on the chair (sides of your hips). Now lift up your legs and butt from the chair same as in the photo. So that your abs should be stressed and engaged, you must stay 6 seconds in this position. Now sit back and relax for a minute, then repeat the exercise at least 2 or 3 times.

2.  High Altar Pose

Yoga High Altar Pose While Working
Take a deep breath and then stretch your arms up above your head while grabbing the arms, same as to see in the photo, now slowly lean to the left. Hold for 8-10 seconds. Now go back to the previous position, change the sides and again repeat the yoga pose.

3.  Deep Twist

Yoga Deep Twist while Working
You need a chair or a solid shaft to do this exercise. Turn left and try to deepen the twist by touching the pole or the seat behind you. Stay for 8 seconds then change your sides. See the photo to do that.

4.  Cow Face Arms

Cow Face Yoga while at Work
Bring your right arm behind your head and the left arm behind your back. Gather your fingers and hold this position at least 10 seconds. Now change your sides and do the same again.

5.  Ankle to Knee

Ankle to Knee Exercise while Working
Lift your right foot and place it on the left knee. Make sure your ankle touch the knee. The right knee should be dropped open. Sit up straight at first then slowly lean forward to a deeper stretch. Wait 8-10 seconds. Now change your sides and do the same for left foot.

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  1. Good Post, I will also try to do these exercises while I will at work, thanks