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Pros and Cons of Botox

Essential Pros and Cons of Botox

Botox injections are preferably designed for those women who do not wish to continue their lives with wrinkle looking face. With the increasing age, the skin becomes loose and dull and thus you notice the fine lines and wrinkles have to be visible on your face and neck. You cannot avoid them because these are natural but yes, it is possible to get rid of this as early as you can with Botox injections. Botox will turn your face into younger looking and lively woman. In thousands of cosmetic surgeries, Botox treatment found to be very astonishing and commendable. It gives you excellent results and remains for long time period. Now having flawless skin is not so difficult for women if they immediately take a decision to do it but it is strictly necessary for you to know the pros and cons of this procedure because this will help you in making your decision simpler.

Pros and Cons of Botox

A chemical substance is actually involved in the Botox injection which is called as “Botulinum toxin”. It penetrates or injected into your affected areas and show its reaction so you should be fully informed with the advantages and disadvantages of this chemical properly and then you will be able to hold yourself and sit with relaxed mind without any danger. The pros and cons will take you to the right path that what you are going to have in your body and how it will give you an outcome. Here this article describes you about Botox and its pros and cons.

What are the Pros of Botox?

  • Reduce the Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Botox injection has the biggest pros against the fine lines and wrinkles usually appear on the face. If you wish to look yourself younger so you would not have to go for further surgical methods which are very painful and time consuming. Now the Botox injection is available to easily make the wrinkles and fine lines disappear from your face by just getting injected into the affected areas with painless penetration. Botox just stop the movement of muscles on your face and thus allow the lines and wrinkles to vanish soon. The result remains for long period of time. The other skin products to remove wrinkles are just temporary and do not give any effective result. If you really hate wrinkles and fine lines so Botox is the best option.

  • Offers more than Cosmetic Benefits
Botox is somehow counted in cosmetic procedures but it is at some extent is more beneficial than other surgical procedures. Botox is not only enough good for treating the wrinkles and fine lines but is also known for variety of medical benefits and uses. For treating nervous and jumpy eyes, Botox is recommended. On the other hand, the people who are suffering with migraines, bladder issues and extreme sweating are also suggested to have Botox injections.

  • Miracle Toxin
Botox is a toxin so it works in many health conditions. Along with reducing the fine lines and wrinkles, it also leads to affect the other parts of area like Botox boob jobs and gums correction are also done with Botox so it has become a miracle toxin for women’s body.

Pros and Cons of Botox

What are the Cons of Botox?

Besides positives, Botox is also concerned with some negative points. If you are reading all about its pros that it does not mean that it had not gone through with some cons. Everything that relates with Botox is not only beneficial but it can cause side effects too. Before getting the procedure start, you should have to aware from the risk factors associated with Botox.

  • Allergic Reactions do Occur
Botox results in allergic reactions rarely but this is a biggest risk factor because you would not be able to raise your eyebrows further and your mouth will always salivate. Even Botox is injected in your body in very tiny amount but still it leads to many risks. In most of the cases, it might be seen that Botox will show side effects that last forever so you should have to be assured about everything concerned with Botox.

  • Full Range Facial Expressions are Limited
If you have done Botox without any delay of sittings, the natural expressions of your face will lose its ability to move like you will feel difficulty in fully smiling and for eating something, will not be able to open your mouth completely. This condition will tease you for about 3 to 6 months. The natural movement your face will be irritable for you. Be fully prepared with the cons of Botox while going to have it.

What is Botox

What is Botox?

Before finding the pros and cons, it is better to understand some basics regarding Botox. Botox was newly introduced in 2002, it was announced as a safe injection for various cosmetic drives but it was still known to be workable for reducing the wrinkles and fine lines before Botox has approved by FDA.

How Botox Works?

Botox procedure is done by experts and professional cosmetologists. Botox is a kind of injection which is induced with Botulinum toxin. This toxin gets injected in the skin during the procedure. It would be scary when it gets penetrated in the skin because Botulinum is said to be poisonous substance due to causing botulism therefore only a small amount of this toxin is taken in the injection so it means that you would not have to suffer with any risk. The movement of muscles on the face where wrinkles and fine lines appear is stopped by paralyzing them.
How does Botox work

Misconceptions Surrounding Botox

In the past, some misconceptions about this popular cosmetic procedure were underlined that it works to paralyze the muscles so it is a cause of botulism that means fatal or dead skin. To avoid the misconceptions, the professional cosmetologists have marked that the paralysis of skin is just for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles on the face and it does not affect the other muscles or your body parts. Botulinum toxin actually connects with the brain while injected in the body and message the brain to stop the facial muscles from moving.

Why is Muscle movement linked to Wrinkles and Fine Lines?

The continue movement of facial muscles will lead to fine lines and wrinkles and it usually seen on forehead and at the eye corners. The less movement will show minor lines. From the past history, Botox was only used for medical purposes but now it has become advanced and approved by FDA so it is able to perform variety of cosmetic procedures. Before having Botox treatment, you should know the pros and cons accompanying with Botox and then take a final decision.

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