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How to Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods

How to Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods

It is a difficult time for a woman to get pregnant with irregular periods. The thrill and excitement of becoming pregnant makes her kill but unfortunately when the result comes out negative, it is then a big time of frustration and disappointment too. Usually, when a couple loss chances of pregnancy, they always first think about something has been wrong with the woman. Studies and research have showed that this myth about having no baby is not always true. One third of reproductive problems are the cause of female infertility, one third is because of the male problems and one third depends on the both sides. Irregular periods can become regular by using medications and other ways. Possible ways will surely let you get pregnant after hard tries.

How to Get Pregnant Fast with Irregular Periods

What may Cause Irregular Periods?

Irregular periods and pregnancy have a strong relation and have rare chances of pregnancy after trying each month. Regular periods will show good response and have better chances of getting pregnant as soon as possible. Couples should not give away without finding any ideas and solution of this problem but they should consult with the good specialist or gynecologist.

Every woman has different length of cycle (from 1st day of the last menstrual period to the 1st day of the second menstrual period). There is many ways to calculate the average length of your cycle. Regular cycles are either for 28 or 35 days. The shorter length is about 21 days and longer one is about 36 days which is considered as irregular cycle. A solution can be identified if you keep in touch with your cycle each month.

If you find irregularity in your cycle, you would now have to get the exact cause and reasons about that. Chronic irregularity or the irregularity from the start of your menstrual period may be the perfect reason for not getting pregnant. On the other hand if your periods are irregular for about one or two months is due to some stress and fatigue due to workouts. Irregular periods are due to the imbalance hormones in your body which makes the hormones disturb and stop them to function properly. Sometimes poor diet could also be blamed which is called as anorexia or bulimia. In spite of that, more and more exercises and gaining weight would also be a big cause.

Can you Get Pregnant with Irregular Periods

Is it Difficult to Get Pregnant if my Periods are Irregular?

Women should not be worried because irregular periods will not kill your conceiving chances completely. You would have to learn the ovulation prediction in your body. If you want or not want to conceive, calculating your ovulation time is the key factor. Conception becomes easy and chances increased when you know about your exact ovulation. If cycle are longer, the possibility of getting pregnant are fewer according to mathematical terms.

How to Improve the Chances of Getting Pregnant?

First you should visit the unfailing gynecologists from whom you take proper consultation. They will treat your cycles to come to track again and becomes regular. If you want to gain the chances of pregnancy naturally then there is a solution to improve the hormonal balance by eating a good food. Here are some useful tips and tricks through which you can gain chances of conceiving.

1.  Calculate your Ovulation

There are some tools available at medical or drug stores through which women with irregular periods can calculate the ovulation time such as ovulation predictor kits, recognizing the cervical mucus and measuring the basal body temperature. It would be best if you predict your ovulation using three of the tools at a time.

Other conditions that may suppress the chances of pregnancy are excessive weight gain, obesity and abnormal production of hormones. At some point, it is also noticed that insulin levels increase that are responsible for the overproduction of male hormones in female body and effect on egg production.

2.  Have a Checkup

Regular checkup is highly recommended if you want to increase your chances of conceiving. The consultant will suggest you better to regularize the menstrual periods by doing blood test and other related checkups. After getting the proper cause of your problem, he will prescribe you from certain medications to artificial insemination in vitro methods.
How to Conceive with Irregular Periods

3.  Eat Healthy

Boosting the chances of pregnancy is not so far to improve in your body. You should first concentrate on your proper diet that would keep your body energized and thus your hormones will balance. If you are concerned with underweight, you are suggested to take food enriched with calories and which could gain your mass. Foods that are rich in folic acid, proteins, calcium, iron and vitamin E are very essential for your body which can stimulate the production of female hormones. Avoid things like alcohol, tobacco and caffeine along with that.

4.  Take Medication

If food did not work properly, now the time comes to visit the doctor immediately to find a good solution. Doctor will prescribe some alternative medication to boost up the ovulation (release of an egg from ovary every month). For this purpose, clomid and serophene are most popular ovulation pills which can definitely help. About 10 percent of women conceived with twins on clomid.

5.  Maintain a Healthy Weight

Ideal weight is the necessary requirement for your body to increase the ovulation. If you are too slim, estrogen levels in your body will be produced in very low rates that are the main cause of irregularity of menstrual periods. If your body comes in an appropriate shape and optimal weight, after conceiving you could have a healthy child. Women with obesity would also loss the chances of pregnancy due to excess calories in their body. Maintaining your weight and doing more efforts are the only things you need to do.

6.  Do some Regular Exercise

Regular exercise without any stress will help keep your circulation normal and thus your hormones will regulate more quickly. This is the only way your body will come in a nice and appropriate shape.

Additional Tips for You

  • Concentrate on physical activities like support groups, book or movies.
  • Avoid things that could effect on your nerves like caffeine and alcohol.
  • Always communicate with your partners about your personal problems.
  • Do daily exercises and reduce the stress such as yoga, long walks and swimming.
  • Search and learn about the fertility problems belong to your body and get the proper solution to fight against it.

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