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Pros and Cons of Circumcision

What is Circumcision?

Circumcision is a surgical removal of foreskin of the penis which should have to be done for the sake of religious reasons. Circumcision is necessary only for newborn baby boy. But in most of the cases, the foreskin of penis, if not removed in adults, it can develop certain diseases like balanitis, phimosis and paraphimosis. Circumcision has no specific reason according to the medical point of view but Muslims and Jewish are faithful of the circumcision.
what is circumcised
The procedure of circumcision is required when the new born baby boy becomes 8 days old. In Judaism religion, sometimes this is done by arranging a ceremony and it is called “brit milah”. Circumcision is also done rarely in hospital.

In Islamic culture, circumcision is known as “khitna” which is also done like a big ceremony by inviting relatives and friends, but sometimes it usually performed in the hospital where the baby boy born. In some cases, the circumcision of boy is done when he enters puberty.

Pros and Cons of Circumcision

According to many pediatrics and other medical point of views, it is not necessary to perform the circumcision on all new born males because by not doing this, there will not be any issue regarding the health conditions of baby. It will be good to put it over the parent’s decision. If circumcision is not performed, the boy will always be safe and secure to its fertility. He will never lose his sexual desires for his partner. Here some pros and cons of circumcision are described:

Pros of Circumcision

  • Reduce the risk of urinary tract infections
  • Reduce the risk of penile cancer
  • Rescue himself from sexually transmitted diseases
  • Easier the genital hygiene
Pros and Cons of Circumcision

Cons of Circumcision

  • Excess bleeding or infection
  • Wrong cut of foreskin too long or too short
  • Improper healing
  • It is not a life-or-death procedure
  • Any damage to the body during the process of circumcision

How to Prepare for a Circumcision?

For circumcision of newborn baby boy, usually it is required to go to the hospital nursery where the process if performed properly. Sometimes a person who performs the process can be called at houses. Baby boy age should be between 1 and 10 days after his birth. The basic necessity is for a parent or guardian to sign the agreement form. When the boy reaches his puberty and like to have a circumcision then he would have to go in surgery center or hospital from where he could get his circumcision. This is a kind of normal procedure and an adult can go home on the same day.

How a Circumcision is Performed?

Your son will first give the anesthesia after laying down his back through the help of injection or cream. The area of foreskin of penis becomes numb to not feel the pain. A ring or clamp is then fitted with the penis and immediately the foreskin is removed by a small slit. After the procedure is done properly, the area is covered with an antibiotic lotion and loose bandage.

The already fitted plastic ring will remain exactly on the penis because it will help in healing the wounds. After five to seven days of the circumcision, it will be removed by its own.
what is circumsized

After a Circumcision

Healing time of circumcision is approximately within a week or 10 days. Your baby will cry as that part loses the effect of anesthesia. But you do not have to worry because some over-the-counter medication or pain killers are also suggested to reduce the cramps and baby will feel better.

The normal condition which is completely harmful is redness of penis which remains for a few days after the circumcision. Washing the penis each time of changing the diaper is recommendable to avoid any bacterial infection. Diaper should be loose in order to help the air reach to the tip of the penis for the purpose of healing.

Some symptoms are followed which could be harmful for your son and you become helpless to call your doctor immediately like:
  • Within 12 hours of circumcision, you see abnormal urination
  • Foul-smelling leakage
  • Persevered bleeding
  • Plastic ring unable to fall after two weeks

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  1. Wrong, all wrong.

    Circumcision has no relevant benefits. It gives no relevant protection against diseases. Real life numbers from Africa show that circumcised men are more likely to have HIV.

    Circumcision is an extreme body modification done without consent. It reduces man's capacity to feel and give sexual pleasure. It increases the likelihood of problems like impotence and dyspareunia. It is traumatic and leads to breastfeeding difficulties. In some cases it can cause total loss of sensation, emasculation, or death.

    Circumcision is immoral and abusive. Anyone who performs it is a sexual criminal of the worst kind.

  2. "which should have to be done for the sake of religious reasons"

    No baby has a religion. They have not yet attained reason, nor have their made even a superficial study of even the top 10 popular world religions and denominations thereof. Forcing religion onto a baby is a violation of their independent religious rights. Forcing that religion in the form of permanent body modification is physical abuse.

    "But in most of the cases, the foreskin of penis, if not removed in adults, it can develop certain diseases" Funny thing that word "can" is... you can say almost any real thing after it, and it's still true. "if not removed in adults, Britain can still be attacked by nuclear strike". It's true! The real fact is that "in most of the cases" foreskin is healthy throughout life.

    "when the new born baby boy becomes 8 days old." You talk about Muslims, and then you say this? Circumcision in Islam happens years later, often around 7 years.

    There are no "Pros" for circumcision, except where there is a specific diagnosis for which circumcision is the best or only treatment. That's rare. No other "pros" are backed scientifically, when considering the risks.

    It absolutely is a life-or-death procedure, like any surgery. In Canada, just a few months ago, a boy bled to death after a medically unnecessary circumcision was performed (in hospital), which his parents didn't even want. It's well known that ritual circumcision in South Africa, for example, frequently leads to the penis rotting off. Some boys die.

    These are not cramps. Medical imaging of the brain has shown that baby boys feel the same fiery pain anyone would feel, slicing off a nerve-rich region of the body, like the tip of the tongue.