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How to Stop Biting your Nails

How to Stop Biting your Nails

Nail biting is generally an addiction starts from the childhood and if does not stop, it continues to the adulthood. Nail biting leads to the damaging of tissues around the skin that tends to make nail growth and the nails feel sore. Due to nail biting, the infection, viruses and harmful bacteria are passed from your nails to your mouth and then intestine. A child is so delicate so he will be attacked immediately. Many side effects have been noticed due to nail biting and one of the major things is that nail biting makes your nails looking ugly.
how to stop biting your nails
Here are some tips recommended from the dermatologists in order to stop nail biting as quickly as possible:

1.  Keep your nails trimmed short: Less growth of nail will help in stopping the nail biting.

2.  Apply bitter-tasting nail polish to your nails: This nail polish will not reach you any harm but being awful in taste, it dismays people from nail biting habit.

3.  Get regular manicures: To keep your nails beautiful and attractive, you will have to do manicures at the regular manner. Another easy way you can do is cover your nails with any tape or stickers or wear gloves in order to prevent the nail biting.

4.  Replace the nail-biting with a good habit: Play silly things and let your hands busy in any work to avoid nail biting, it will turn your bad habit to a good habit.

5.  Identify your triggers: Physical triggers are highly recommended for this problem like presence of hangnails, boredom, stress or anxiety. Identify that what is the situation with you that triggers your mind to bite your nails. Once you identified, avoid that situation and create a plan to stop this bad habit.

6.  Try to gradually stop biting your nails: Doctors suggestion would never be failed. They gave an idea to gradually sort out the problem regarding the nail biting such as stop biting one set of nails like first your thumb nails, if successful, stop the pointer and pinky nails and gradually it will goes through the entire hand. It will reduce the habit in a slow and gradual way.

Sometimes nail biting may be a serious psychological or emotional problem. In this situation, you would have to consult a doctor. If nail infection occurs, consult with dermatologist.

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