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Top 3 Sexy Butt Exercises for Women

Top 3 Exercises to Make Your Butt Sexy

Getting a sexy butt is not so difficult; be prepare yourself to do butt exercises and workout. Majority of the women in the world are seriously disappointed with their bodies. Concentrate on a proper diet and spend your time to work for it.

A renowned personal trainer called Brad Schoenfeld has organized a feature camp named as eDiets boot camp. In this camp training and workout for getting the sext butt has been done. Brad Schoenfeld has written books in which he described in details about having a beautiful and perfect shaped slim body such as “Look great naked”, “shape up and tone your trouble zones in just 15 minutes a day”. Make sure these 15 minutes are golden minutes for you to work out to get flawless figures. Many of his clients are satisfied with the exercises.
butt exercises for women
Schoenfeld first targets the trouble spot and then work on it. It’s a sign of his tremendous success. Two important things are compulsory needed for butt workout is butt toning exercises and cardiovascular exercises to get an outcome in the form of fitted and sexy body. Balanced diet is always along with these.

Metabolism of the body and losing weight is just followed by proper healthy eating and regular cardiovascular activity. These two punches are nearly effectively important to let yourself involved in the sexy women.
Once you have admired by someone that wow you are going to shape your body, do not get excited so much and give up the exercises because Schoenfeld says that many of the women are fail to do the proper training and some just do the cardio alone but it does not work. The reason of overload muscles is not aerobics. It is said by Schoenfeld in eDiets, his personal training center of women in Scarsdale, New York that muscle only responds to overload, not stimulated by aerobics.

Similarly, if you are doing a same thing again and again, it will not be accepted by your body if you continue forcing it only a one thing, everything wants a combination of other thing. So you don’t need to follow the exercises only for the gluteal (butt) muscles. Do the overall weight training. It is a misconception towards the butt exercise in majority of the women that they will start to get bigger butts if once they are working on it. But this is totally an idea or whatever you call it. Schoenfeld, the expert indeed tells that this is the starting point of burning the excess fat once you have started building your muscles and gluteal muscle training will lead you to shape your butt.

You need to study your gluteal muscles first. Butt is actually comprised of three muscles, the gluteus maximus, the medious and the minimus. It is compulsory to do exercises from different angles. Every woman is going through the different problem of heavy butt and everyone is suggested the different exercises according to their body shape.

For flat butt, you should do 8 to 10 reps only along with the use of heavier weights. In other hand, if you tone up the region, use higher reps approximately 15 to 20 and lighter weights. For the perfection of your butt, prepare yourself for the regular butt exercises; first do the proper amount of reps then jump to the second and third exercises without resting. After finishing all of the three exercises, give a rest to your body for 30 seconds and repeat the entire set again. Do it repeatedly three times. Remember to allow 48 hours rest between workouts. Here are three especial exercises for building a better shaped butt.

Butt Exercises for Women

butt exercises for women

1.  Good Morning

barbell exercise for sexy butt
Begin your day with resting a barbell across your shoulders. Keep moving the lower back by bending forward at the hips in a slow motion until your body is parallel to the floor. Controlling the barbell, reverse the direction by contracting the gluteal muscles as you raise your body up along the same path and come back to the starting position.

2.  Standing Leg Curl

standing leg curl exercise for sexy butt
Begin with attaching a weight to your right ankle. Hold some long stationary object tightly and slowly curl the right foot in the upward direction and stop short of touching your butt as far as possible. Contract your right hamstring and then reverse the direction then get back to the starting position. After completing the wanted number of repetitions, repeat the process on the left side.

3.  Kneeling Abduction

kneeling abduction for sexy butt
Begin by kneeling on the ground; give your body an “all fours” position. Keep the right leg bent; raise it to the side as high as securely possible. Come along the same path by contracting your glutes slowly and start the position back. After completing the preferred number of repetitions, repeat the process on the left part.

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