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Homemade Sugar Wax for Hair Removal and Smooth Skin

Homemade Sugar Wax for Hair Removal and Smooth Skin

Hair removal is one of the necessary tasks that you have to do about once a time every month. Especially the working women would have to focus on having your skin smooth all the time just like me as if I never leave my skin with unwanted hair. I used to do my waxing with the difference of one or two months if little bit of growth is seen, it looks weird. I know the waxing is quite painful but on the other hand, if you do waxing, you will never have to shave. Do not worries about the painful sensation while waxing; it will definitely leave your skin smooth with this nasty experience within just few minutes. I am introducing you about the sugar waxing that has a bit difference than the regular waxing. Yes, it is painful but not that much as you are thinking right now. It is so easy to handle this wax and clean up as related to other waxes.
homemade sugar wax for hair removal and smooth skin

What is Sugar Wax and how it is different from Regular Wax?

Sugar waxing is not a new formula or trick of waxing but it comes from the very past and still used by many people. All the things that are included in this sugar wax are water, sugar and lemon juice. The best thing about this wax is you do not need to take help of waxing strips or spatulas to apply and remove the wax as it is easily dissolved with warm water. Sugar wax is cheap rather than the other hair removal lotions and creams available at the stores. The good news for the people with sensitive skin is that it will not rip or scratch your skin. You know the times when you start waxing and the signals comes to your brain, “Are you crazy, what are you doing, it will hurt and cause pain” but in seconds you freshen up your mind and feel the smoothness of your skin.

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I have read many hurtful stories of ladies that they have even burned their selves through microwavable waxing or placing it in the wax warmers. I had gone crazy many times too and did the same thing with me. But slowly by the time I got a wonderful experience so that I am able to share it with you very gladly. I would also suggest to not going in the salon for waxing. Sometimes it goes wrong and experts too do not find anyway. Due to all these traumatized situations, I have got to know that everyone should have their own trust worthy wax. I am sharing a wonderful DIY methods to prepare the sugar wax at home in such an easy and fun loving way. Make sure if you want a proper result, you always let it cool to room temperature before applying as to avoid burning.

The process of preparing this sugar wax is quite easy and quick. It is used in legs, arms, underarms, eyebrows and bikini area. So let’s talk about how to make this amazing sugar wax.

  • White Sugar 2 cups
  • Lemon Juice ¼ cups (bottled lemon juice is preferable)
  • Water ¼ cup


homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 1: In a pan, pour the white sugar.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 2: Now add water.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 3: Add lemon juice.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 4: Continue stir the mixture on a high flame.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 5: Once you notice the boiling appearance of water, reduce the flame to medium.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 6: If it starts bubbling more than the step 5 so take a flame to the lowest point but make sure to constantly stir.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 7: It will now turn golden in color. At this point turn off the flame and then full a spoon with the wax and put in in your fridge to check its consistency (it will be thick like honey once it will become cool). Now try this wax by rolling it in your hand, if it is still too runny or sticky, bring it back to the medium flame for more few minutes and then check it again.
homemade sugar wax recipe
Step 8: When you find the wax with required consistency, pour it in a bowl and allow it to get cool for 30 minutes. Check the wax after 30 minutes if it is still warm or hot then wait for a while again.

How to Apply:

how to apply sugar wax
  • First thing you decide to have either butter knife, your hands, spoon or thick wooden Popsicle stick. Pick any of these and scoop out the wax then roll into the legs.
  • Press the wax on that area using your palm or fingers. Flatten out the wax until the wax is about ¼“ thick.
  • Now if you have wax strips then apply sheet over the wax and rub quickly like a back and forth manner exerting pressure over this strip.
  • Take a deep breath and pull out the wax strip (you can also pull the wax off with the help of your fingers if strips are not available).
  • You can reroll the same wax that you used before and apply again or it’s up to you that use the new one.  In case of using the waxing sheets, you will not be able to reuse the wax.

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Waxing Tips:

  • I usually apply a little bit amount of baby powder for underarms in order to absorb the moisture prior to start waxing. Baby powder gives a smooth feeling like a baby skin.
  • You should use baby powder on the very tender and sensitive areas like underarms and bikini line. It helps to pull the skin easily then apply the wax.
  • To reduce the painful sensation, exert pressure with one hand and then pull off the wax with other hand.
  • If you do not want to remove or pull off the wax then you can just wash it off with warm-hot water until it gets dissolves.
  • Let the bowl or pan soak in water for an hour until the wax dissolves then clean it up.
  • If you notice the few leftover hairs you can thread them or use tweezers to pull them out.
  • If you do not need much wax then you can reduce the measurements for making half of the recipe such as 1 cup sugar, 1/8 cup water and 1/8 cup lemon juice.

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