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DIY Rejuvenating “Japanese” Face Mask

Rice as we all know is a great ally for the skin. The grains of rice are specifically used in preparing the scrub in order to exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells, not only this but its water makes the skin hydrate all the way long, regenerates and firms the skin.

Have you ever think about how the skin gets rejuvenated while applying the face packs for getting it brighter as before, increasing the elasticity and tonicity? These are just miracles. I am introducing you about “Japanese” face mask, have you ever heard about that? No, then read this article and avail yourself about this economic face mask.
diy rejuvenating japanese face mask

The Benefits of Rice to Rejuvenate the Face

We all are so sensible about our skin so we spend lots of money over buying various cream and cosmetics. In spite of knowing that those creams and formulas are made up of natural ingredients but at some extent, these are obviously synthesized and mixed with different artificial ingredients so they must have some side effects, especially to those who have sensitive skin. We usually try few creams throughout our lives depending upon our age and needs.

We always mention in our beauty blog about avocados, aloe vera and grapes but today in this article, we would like to show you the advantages you can get from the rice. This is something interesting that you probably have never heard about. A remedy of Japanese face mask is made from rice and it is a traditional feminine remedy in the Eastern World. So let’s come to its advantages:
  • Rice is a good tonic for the skin: Rice contains an ingredient named as “inositol” which is great for slowing down the aging process and promotes circulation of blood in an effective way thus benefiting the overall health of the skin.
  • Rich in vitamin B: Vitamin B is a complex compound so you can think how much beneficial it would be for your skin, hair and nails. It stimulates the generation of your skin, making it soft and supple and enables the skin to combat against the external rudiments.
  • Hydrates, regenerates and firms the skin: Rice water is a traditional remedy for Japanese women. They eagerly work on their skin to make it all day regenerated and hydrated.
  • Anti-wrinkle effect: As you have already concerned with the rice water to rejuvenate the face lies in its component called “inositol”. It helps in the stimulation of blood and can counteract the wrinkles in the facial skin.
  • A great exfoliator: If we include phytic acid in the rice water then what will it do? It will be surprising for you that it works on dead skin cells and helps in removing it completely along with rejuvenating the face in a slight manner.
  • Removes acne blemishes: Again, we will come to the rice water which is the ideal portion of this treatment. It cleans up the dead foreign particles, tones and reduces the face blemishing, generally caused by acne. It would be better to perform the treatment at least two days a week.

DIY Rejuvenating “Japanese” Face Mask

Now you are aware of rice which is the basic element of Japanese origin. Rice has clusters of vitamins and rejuvenating properties and the worth of applying this remedy is for at least twice a week. If you need, you can supplement this mask with the cream you use regularly as it would be an easy way to gain benefits in an economical way. Make sure it provides good results.
best rejuvenating japanese face mask from brown rice
1. What do I need to prepare my mask?
You will require the following ingredients to prepare the mask:
  • 3 tbsp of organic Brown Rice: You can easily get that from the natural food stores or grocery stores but be sure the rice should be organic so it would be free from chemicals and pesticides through which you will get all the natural properties of rice.
  • One and a Half tbsp of Distilled Water
  • 2 tbsp of Avocado
  • One and a Half tsp of Honey

2. How do I Prepare my Rejuvenating “Japanese” Face Mask?
  • It’s a simple and quick remedy and prepared in few minutes. As it is understood that first you would have to cook the rice. Use very little rice and heat it until it becomes tender and sift. Strain the water from the rice and save both the items by keeping it aside.
  • Place the rice in another container then add avocado and honey in it. Stir the mixture with the help of a spoon until it becomes like a homogenous paste. When it gets ready, apply it to your skin.
  • Leave it for at least 20 minutes on your face. Use a cotton swab to wipe out the face mask then wash your face with the rice water which you already kept aside. In this way, your skin is exfoliating and treating the skin blemishes and dirt.
  • As the Japanese face mask is simple and inexpensive, but it allows us to get advantages from both the rice and its water. Prepare the remedy two times a week and rejuvenate your face every day. Try it out. It is amazing.

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