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How to Lose 15 Pounds in One Month without Exercise

How to Lose 15 Pounds in a Month without Exercise

If I tell you my story so I had not been good at my self-control in the past. Therefore, my metabolism rates were not too fast either. After realizing that, I struggled for losing the weight, so avoiding those unhealthy snacks or meals, I had just lose few pounds but I was not overweight this time, but not super skinny either. I wondered thinking about those girls who never gets overweight and still eating everything they want. I was seeking the secret behind that and I tried to do some methods over this strategy.

It Boosted my Metabolism Long Term
I hardly concentrated on my gaining weight so I had eaten big dessert only and said good bye to all those rubbish meal types that was responsible to make me fat as much as they can. I had expected a metabolism boost for a short time, but not for months indeed. Of course, I felt myself sick and it’s just because I was restricted the amount of certain eating that get me to the weight gain. Believe me, it was a crazy time for me.

Now I would like to tell you that it was not easier for me to do all this such as I didn’t always let myself feel sick, but when I ended up overeating, there was not going to concern on my health except the fear of diabetes certain times.

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So Here’s the Method
how to lose 15 pounds in a month
Green Tea
I always prefer to drink green tea as it is such a great thing to lose your weight and speed up the metabolism rate. So there is nothing difficult to prepare this amazing tea. Here I am telling you how much I took in.

I used to drink about 6-12 cups of green tea. In case, you don’t want to take that much amount in a day, so you can skip the quantities. You can also pre-make a big batch before the night and drink it all the next day so it can be something easy for you to not get tired of making the green tea again and again.

You should remember one thing while preparing the tea; you never need to add any sweeteners in that tea. Adding anything, no matter how little bit you are adding, it may defeat the purpose for what you are taking it and it will badly effect on the metabolism boosting.

You can get green tea from the stores easily. Just remember that you can reuse a tea bag for maximum 3 times.

Skip Lunch
It is really a strange thing for us that how we can skip the lunch, isn’t it unhealthy? How skipping can slow down our metabolism? These all myths can be possible only if you do it wrongly. Before the Industrial Revolution, breakfast and dinner were only the two meals that people had in a day. But lunch, in today’s era is relatively the new invention.

Now you have to make a plan about how can you manage yourself under only two meals per day. There are the specific time in which you can manage your breakfast and dinner in a right way like take breakfast late enough around 10AM, and eat dinner early enough around 5PM. In this way, you’ll never have cravings and you never feel yourself crazy staring at the bag of Cheetos.

Now you will surely hear from the people that eating too much in the dinner time will take you to the gain weight so make sure that it can be true. On the other hand, I would like to give my example that I still lose the weight at nights I did overeat. So it means there was no fluctuation.

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Remember that it would be something uncomfortable for you at the start, but once you get the power going through it, you can lose your weight faster. Even if you get yourself without eating anything healthy, you can take small amount of healthy snack like a piece of fruit or nuts.

Eat a Small Breakfast
It matters that what you are eating first in the day. You can eat the same thing daily as I always ate a small amount of oatmeal. To make it interesting, I dressed it up every week in a different manner.

In a whole month, there is a special week in which I take honey and butter that is so good. Honey, cocoa powder, milk mixed in, honey, cinnamon, or mocha overnight oats. It’s so delicious to eat in breakfast.

I always take the ratio of 1:2 with a ½ cup of regular or instant oats along with 1 cup of water. In case, if I add the milk in it, it would always be ¼ cup.

One Last Note
Before you start this diet, I must say that you should be sure to consult your physician first if you are fighting with any sort of medical condition, or you can’t satisfy yourself that it might be good for your body type. It would be easy to decide if you talk to physician first.

And that’s it!

Now it’s your Turn!

If you have any awesome weight loss and metabolism boosting tips, please let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

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how to lose 15 pounds in a month

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