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Home Remedies to Treat Cold in Babies

13 Effective Home Remedies to Treat Cold in Babies

It’s a very disappointed moment if your baby is feeling down with cold but it is a common cold with which all the babies get suffered. The baby will show symptoms like diarrhea, sneezing, vomiting, congestion, runny nose and coughing. You may find his or her body temperature ranging from 100 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

In spite of giving medicines, you should always try to treat with natural home remedies because natural cure is quite enough for keeping your baby calm and active. These are comfortable alternative solutions to store-bough drugs. The best thing about the home remedies is you can immediately try these after when you find your baby in trouble so that you can stop the infection to spread further.
natural home remedies to treat baby cold

Home Remedies to Treat Baby Cold

Lots of remedies are here that are effective to treat cold in your baby. The remedies are gentle on the baby’s immune system and will not cause any discomforts just like caused by the medicines. Let us know the best 13 home remedies for cold and cough in babies.

1. Rub the petroleum jelly on her back and chest so that after a meanwhile, they will have some relief.

2. Give nasal drops frequently after some intervals by laying the baby on her back.

3. You have an option to use nasal saline rinse along with the vapor rub and it will help them to sleep well.

4. Use honey as it contains antiseptic properties which help in easing the irritation and cold. You can add some warm water to it and let them drink. It is only recommended for the babies that are above one year.

5. Symptoms of cold and cough can be increased by dry air. So as to maintain the moisture, you can always try steaming. Steamer will be useful for this purpose.

6. Ginger is also very effective and has plenty of health benefits. It is generally used in reducing the congestion and cold in babies. It helps in increasing the blood circulation due to which the body of baby warms up fast thus melts the phlegm and expels it out through vomiting.

7. Garlic is another useful ingredient containing anti-bacterial properties destroying the bacteria causing cold. Add garlic juice in warm water and give it to your baby to drink.

8. Lady finger has probiotic effect which helps in removing the bacteria causing cold. It removes the inflammation and irritation. Boil lady finger (okra) for 10 minutes and allow your baby to drink the water.

9. You can also give your baby the fruit juice or warm milk mixed with pinch of turmeric. Turmeric contains healing properties and improves their immune system. For the babies above one year, you can add a teaspoon of honey and a little bit of water.

10. Lemon also has antiseptic properties which help in improving their immune system. You can add a tsp of honey in a little amount of water and give it to them.

11. You can offer universal remedy for cold that is the homemade chicken soup. It helps in relieving the symptoms related to cold. It is proven to help reduce the inflammation and fever.

12. Use appropriate essential oils to help her deal with cold better. First seek advice from the healthcare experts before using them.

13. For the babies above 6 months, Eucalyptus oil is very essential. Use a few drops of this oil into the nose of baby and see how quickly it will relief the symptoms and opens up the blocked nasal passages.

Important Consideration
Cold, as it is a common part of the baby’s life. The immune systems of baby are yet to build strong so apart from trying the natural remedies for cold, you can initially try the following tips to ease the discomfort at this time.
  • Note down the mucus in the baby’s nose as the stuffy nose can make her uncomfortable. Lay your baby comfortably on her back, gently insert the bulb syringe and suck the mucus. Make sure that you do not over do the suction as it may irritate your baby’s nostrils.
  • For the babies who are 1 year and above, to reduce the possibility of running nose, make sure you keep her head in elevated position. Use any support like pillow underneath her head to help her breathe easily.
  • Remember to keep the baby’s room moist using the warm mist humidifier. This will help in reducing the congestion in the baby and make it easier for her to breathe.
  • Most of the times, it may be seen that while playing, the babies gulp in the mucus totally. So in this case, it is important to teach them about the healthy habits so that they have acknowledged with what they would have to do while they have a runny nose. Train them by showing in gestures and introduce your child to use the hand sanitizer after blowing the nose.
home remedies to treat cold in babies
Be Careful
Common cold in all the babies is of the same nature that it goes within a few days. But you need to notice the signs if your baby’s health is getting deteriorating further more. Here are the solutions you look for.
  • See if her cough gets wheezy and productive.
  • You should be sure about that your baby is not pulling her ears.
  • Look for the nasal discharge whether it turns greenish-yellow and lasts for more than a day.
  • You need to watch if your baby is getting lethargic.

These symptoms are just for making you aware that you do not ignore because it may lead to the secondary infection like bronchiolitis or ear infection. It is highly suggested in this case that you look for the doctor and start medical treatment at your earliest means.

The babies are sensitive so you should be careful not to use any over-the-counter medicines to treat the cold. Only a licensed doctor has the authority to prescribe medications to your baby.
  • You should keep yourself far away from the cough syrups; chest rubs to cure the cold in babies.
  • Use only topical chest rubs after consulting your doctor.
  • If you see the child has fever, monitor it closely.
  • Note the temperature readings at regular intervals then show it directly to the doctor.
  • Offer your baby the plenty of fluid contents to help her fight against the fever.

Babies and Colds
According to the medical community, it has been said that babies tend to suffer with cold around 8 to 10 times, before they get into the second year of their lives. Medications are only recommended in an extreme case to a newborn.
  • You will be surprised to know that a newborn is exposed to more than 200 viruses after birth that is the reason to cause colds in them.
  • You, as a parent, just need to take basic care if she is warm, ensure that she is not playing with water and is also eating right.
  • Talk to your doctor in case of having any doubts.

Basic care of your baby will never let them suffer with any kind of virus. Otherwise, the cold is common in babies so do not worry. Baby cold home remedies are considered as a good way to make your baby relief from the symptoms of cold.

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