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Surprising Home Remedies To Increase Sperm Count

Surprising Home Remedies To Increase Sperm Count

When there is a low sperm count or inadequate amount of sperm production is seen in the male, this is one of the most common signs of male infertility as it disables the odds of one special sperm fertilize with the egg for conception.

According to the World Health Organization, the normal concentration of sperm is 20 million per ml of semen. If low sperm count occurs so there are fewer than 15 million sperm per ml, also known as oligozoospermia. If there are fewer than 40 million moving sperm while ejaculation, conception problems starts.

Oligoospermia is the reason of wide variety of factors like hormonal problems, infected semen, infection in the prostate gland, varicoceles (enlargement of veins within the scrotum), use of anabolic steroids, damaged sperm ducts, alcohol abuse, cigarette smoking, certain medications, toxic chemicals, heavy metal exposure and radiation, use of vaginal lubricants that tend to be toxic to sperm.
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The recent study indicates that due to electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs), heating of testicles happens that definitely contribute to the low sperm count. Thus, keeping a laptop on your lap and a cell phone in your pants pocket are often the main reasons. There are various natural home remedies that can increase your sperm count and its quality and increasing your fertility for the chance of conception. So here are the remedies given below:

1. Maca Root
The black maca root helps in improving the sperm production and its motility. Maca root is a popular herb that is proved to be good for the fertility problems and helps in balancing the hormones.
  • Take 3 tsp of maca root and divide it into two doses.
  • Consume it for few months daily.
  • Another option is to add maca root powder in a glass of water, in a healthy smoothie or in your protein shake. You can sprinkle a little on your cereal as well.
  • As maca root is higher in fiber, start to take it by 1/2 tsp and gradually increase the dosage over a few weeks.

2. Ashwagandha
A study by Indian researchers established in 2013 in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, that the extract of ashwagandha root helps in increasing the sperm count and improves its motility along with increasing the volume of semen. The participants of this study were given 675 mg of ashwagandha root extract to be divided into 3 doses, daily for 90 days. Not only this, but ashwagandha also promote the healthy testosterone production along with overall health by reducing the stress and anxiety.
  • Mix 1/2 tsp of ashwagandha powder and Indian ginseng together. Add this mixture into a glass of warm milk. Drink it twice daily for few months.
  • Another thing you can do is take ashwagandha root extract and consult your doctor for the proper dosage.

3. Panax Ginseng
Panax ginseng which is also commonly known as Korean ginseng is used in traditional Chinese medicine. It actually reduces the stress level of your body and increases the testosterone production, sperm count and mobility of the sperms. Panax ginseng improves the erectile performance.
  • Take 3 capsules of 500 mg panax ginseng daily for at least 3 months.
  • Consult your doctor before starting the dose.

4. Garlic
Garlic is considered to be a natural aphrodisiac that helps in increasing the sperm count. It has a compound called allicin, which boosts up the durability of the sperm and circulation of blood. The mineral selenium present in the garlic improves the sperm movements.
  • All you have to do is simply include 1 or 2 crushed garlic cloves in your daily diet.
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5. Tribulus
Tribulus terrestris, also known as gokshura, is an Ayurvedic remedy to increase the sperm count and improving its quality. It enhances the hormone levels. According to the study by Indian researchers that aphrodisiac herb is tend to be good to treat the oligozoospermia.
  • Take 3 capsules of 500 mg Tribulus terrestris daily for few months.
  • Consult your doctor before the use.

6. Moderate Exercise
So many studies have found that moderate exercise can readily help boosting your healthy sperm production. A 2013 study have shown in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that if a man’s lifestyle is moved to sedentary, it leads to a failure in the overall quality of the semen.

Another important point to be noted is that young men who lived in sedentary lifestyle while spending more than 20 hours in watching the TV a week, surely had a 50% lower sperm count as compared to those who did not watch the TV too much.

Whereas, those men who engaged in moderate exercise in at least 15 hours a week had better quality of sperm and 73% higher sperm count as compared to those men who engaged in a little exercise.

For increasing the sperm count, you should do some physical exercises for at least 1 hour a day regularly. The recommended exercises must be outdoor physical activities (except cycling) as well as weight training are also beneficial for overall health.

7. Damiana
Damiana is another useful herb for increasing the low sperm count. It calms the nerves, relieves the anxiety and relaxes the exhausted mind.
  • Steep 1/4 tsp of dried damiana leaves in a cup of boiling water for about 10 minutes. Now strain the solution and add a little honey to sweeten up the taste. Drink it 3 times a day for few months.
  • Alternatively, you can take this herb as a supplement after consulting your doctor.

8. Saw Palmetto
Saw palmetto, commonly used to improve the prostate health, thus helping in increasing the low sperm count. It is good to treat the erectile dysfunction.
  • Take 160 mg of saw palmetto extract two times daily for few months.
  • Before starting the dose, consult your doctor first.
  • Make sure that the supplement should be standardized to contain 85 to 95% fatty acids and steroids.
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9. Horny Goat Weed
Horny goat weed is an old age remedy and time-tasted aphrodisiac that is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It improves the erectile dysfunction and increasing the sperm production. Horny goat weed supplements have not been tested for safety yet.
  • Take 500 mg of horny goat weed supplement daily for few months.
  • Consult your doctor first for the proper dosage.

10. Green Tea
According to the research, it has been suggested that high antioxidants present in green tea have good fertility boosting potentials because they neutralize the free radicals that are the cause of sperm cell damage.

A study in 2012 published in the Journal Molecular Nutrition and Food research, low doses of a compound called epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that is present in the green tea which helps in improving the sperm quality and motility, thus prepares it for the proper fertilization. Whereas, the higher amount of ECGC can do an opposite effect.
  • Drink 1 to 2 cups of green tea daily and enjoy the enhancing fertility as well as overall health.

Additional Tips
  • Try to have organic foods and other products like deodorants and cosmetics.
  • Avoid toxic substances and toxic chemicals that are dangerous for your health.
  • Avoid the use of plastic bottles, containers and other items to reduce xenoestrogen (environmental estrogen) exposure.
  • Eat foods to boost fertility contain vitamin C, zinc, folic acid, omega-3-fatty acids, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, Brazil nuts, chia seeds, spinach, selenium, eggs, beans, lentils, broccoli, tomatoes and oranges.
  • Do not wear tight briefs or boxers.
  • Check up your weight every month.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Avoid stress as it affects your hormonal health that produces sperms.


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